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(Insert FTP Site URL on the following links and remove this text) Please click here to access our FTP Site.

You can then copy and paste your file(s) onto the ftp window. You will not be able to read, delete, or overwrite files that already exist. Users using a Macintosh computer and Internet Explorer are not able to copy and paste files and will have to use a file transfer program such as "Fetch".

To obtain a user ID and password, please send us an e-mail via our help desk.

The following project file check list has been provided to help us minimize turn around time and help you avoid additional prepress charges.

  1. Include all "linked" graphics in proper colour format and appropriate resolution.

    • Appropriate Resolution
      • Commonly 300DPI or twice the line screen for Offset and Digital Offset Printing
      • Commonly 100-150DPI for Large Format Inkjet Printing
      • Commonly 100-300DPI or for Digital Printing

    • Proper Colour Format
      • CMYK for Process Ink Colour or Digital Printing Projects
      • Pantone Matching System Colours for Spot Colour Ink Printing Projects

        *Note - Please print your own colour separations when possible prior to uploading project files for production to ensure your expected results when printing with spot colour inks.

  2. Outline, Convert to Curves or Paths or Embed all Fonts (If Fonts are not outlined or embedded they may need to be supplied).
  3. Include all Bleeds(Commonly 1/8" or 1/16").
  4. Include Trim, Fold, Score and Perforation Marks when necessary.
  5. Include die lines when necessary.
  6. Ship Inkjet or Laser proofs or mock ups when possible.

Upon uploading files, please send us an e-mail via our help desk.